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" In education, we must take the whole human being into consideration, the growing, living human being and not  just an abstract idea of man."  Rudolph Steiner. Founder of Waldorf Education

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Enrolling for Fall 2015 grades 1-6.   Plans for an artisan tech high school in the near future.


The Parzival Academy is laying the groundwork for a school based on a Waldorf Curriculum, designed to meet the needs of children with learning differences, alternative learning styles, sensory, and social sensitivities. The goal is to provide an environment for those for whom conventional academic settings have been non-conducive to learning.


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Mission Statement:

  • The goal of the Parzival Academy is to awaken and cultivate the unfolding capacities innate in a child. Individualized academic programs are developed through integrating Waldorf pedagogy, special education approaches and therapeutic resources to meet the needs of children with learning and social differences. Teachers, therapists and staff strive to nourish the unique capacities of every student with love and devotion, recognizing the spiritual nature inherent in each human being.
  • The academy is an independent, private school.  We will be sharing the campus of Camp Sankanac, 68 Bertolet School Rd., Spring City, PA 19475.
  • The school has now received it's license from the PA Department of Education.
  • The initiative is undertaken by a group of dedicated teachers, parents and administrators with extensive backgrounds in Waldorf and Special Education.



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